A dear old friend of mine introduced me at a production meeting as "That Famous Polish Lighting Designer" and we all chuckled. During the production the crew gave me a pen/desk set with the engraving TFPLD. As the internet came into popular culture i needed an email addy. I tried 4 different names and on my last chance i looked at my pen/desk set and said of course "TFPLD"

Thursday, June 16, 2011

"A Confluence of Dreaming" for Playhouse Rep. 2010

This was another world premiere.  I really enjoy working with the writer.  The play has opportunities for some fun.  One has individual monologues, fantasy sequences, and just great time of day variations to design.  I was very stressed personally during this production because my brother was terminal.  Fortunately i was working with very supportive colleagues.  We produced a great little production.

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