A dear old friend of mine introduced me at a production meeting as "That Famous Polish Lighting Designer" and we all chuckled. During the production the crew gave me a pen/desk set with the engraving TFPLD. As the internet came into popular culture i needed an email addy. I tried 4 different names and on my last chance i looked at my pen/desk set and said of course "TFPLD"

Monday, February 7, 2011

"Red" a new musical that was awarded a Richard Rogers award 2003

This was a world premiere of a new musical written by a student.  It focuses on the lives/trials of Ethel and Julius Rosenberg.  It is narrated by Lenny Bruce.  Pretty smart!  I wish i had more pictures to post from this production.  Unfortunately the writers no longer work together and even though it was honored with a Richard Rogers award that director wrecked the piece.  So Sad.

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