A dear old friend of mine introduced me at a production meeting as "That Famous Polish Lighting Designer" and we all chuckled. During the production the crew gave me a pen/desk set with the engraving TFPLD. As the internet came into popular culture i needed an email addy. I tried 4 different names and on my last chance i looked at my pen/desk set and said of course "TFPLD"

Sunday, April 3, 2011

"Mercy and the Firefly" at The Rep 2011

This was another new play.  We did the 2nd production.  It has potential but can be a "rough" play to sit through.  Steffi Mayer Staley, the set designer, took the first picture.  If you did not know this was from a theatrical production you would wonder what the newspaper was trying to document.  I am fond of the 4th shot in the post.  We are in two basic locations.  Interior and exterior.  Time of day goes from day to night.

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