A dear old friend of mine introduced me at a production meeting as "That Famous Polish Lighting Designer" and we all chuckled. During the production the crew gave me a pen/desk set with the engraving TFPLD. As the internet came into popular culture i needed an email addy. I tried 4 different names and on my last chance i looked at my pen/desk set and said of course "TFPLD"

Monday, February 6, 2012

"Sam Bendrix at the Bon Soir" for City Theatre 2011

Some times one works on a project that just speaks so deeply one knows exactly how the design will materialize.  That was the case with this particular play. I had a pretty busy fall and this was part of it.  This was a world  premiere of a Keith Bunin play. The character of Sam was played by Luke Macfarlane.    I had so many other ideas but budget/inventory constraints did not allow for some ideas to happen.  I was very happy with my work though.  The production was produced in the Lester Hamburg studio for City.  It is a great little piece and i hope it has a life.  The production was a huge success.

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